Question of the Day: “Does anyone else have really weird dreams???”

I once read that dreams are our subconscious mind playing with itself when our conscious minds are resting. Though I am not entirely sure if this is true, I do know I have very weird dreams, and I really want to know if other people have dreams like the one I am about to describe.

Almost every week, I dream I am someone else. The dream begins with me being in an environment I do not recognize with people I don’t know. Sometimes I am male. Sometimes I am female. Sometimes I speak English. Other times I speak a foreign language I may or may not be familiar with. In my dream, I am not panicked because I have a narrator who once again tells me this happens all of the time and everything is okay, and I start to remember. It takes a few minutes, but I slowly begin to recognize the people and the place. My voice, regardless of the language speaks easily. I look at my body and sometimes I think I look in a mirror. I say “I think” because as soon as I wake up, I don’t remember any details, just small snippets. I wake up with a feeling of wanting to stay in that place or wanting to leave. Sometimes I just wake up and realize it happened again. I am very aware during the dream that I am an interloper and don’t belong in this place, and I am even aware that my time there is short.

Has anyone else had a dream like this? I have them about once a week, and they have become more and more frequent. They aren’t bad. It just feels weird.

I am not sure if this is because of being an Empath and I am always reading people, so my subconscious mind is processing the information I am getting while I am sleeping or if I am actually remembering past lives, which honestly wouldn’t make sense because I never wake up feeling like I experienced something in the past.

In these dreams, I’ve been at dinner parties, intense one-on-one conversations, and watching over “my” children. Again, I only remember fragments, so these are really more feelings than actual images. I remember feeling anxious at the party or desperate in the one-on-one conversation. I felt a mother’s exhaustion and love.

Anyone else?

Love and Light, All!

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