Question of the Day: “Is it okay if I am not Wonder Woman?”

Many years ago, my husband bought me a key chain with the WonderWoman logo on it. I have always loved Wonder Woman. I wore her underoos as a kid. The most recent movies are good, but my heart will always be with Lynda Carter and the series from the 70s. I fell in love with her strength and her search for truth and her dependable morality and brute force to solve problems.

This morning the key chain broke and fell to the floor. My classroom neighbor, Mr. Mujkovic, picked it up and brought it into my room.

“Kelly,” he said in his thick Bosnian accent, “It appears you have dropped this.”

“Oh, no,” I replied.

“No worries,” he returned. “I do not think it is broken.” But it was broken. The small series of balls that string it together to make the chain snapped in the middle, which caused it to fall off my main keyring without my knowledge.

“This is bad,” I remarked. Recently, I have been going through a lot of struggles with school. Nothing like the past two years of the COVID struggle. No, these struggles are different. It’s more of a struggle with finding my place in this school. It is more about my leadership roles and the disappointments of putting myself out there to try and instigate change, only to find a dozen roadblocks and people trying to take it over and take it from me. It seems when you try and make changes, there are always people who are standing in your way. This has been disheartening and frustrating. I have been asking the Universe for help and it is returning a lot of numbers in sequential patterns. 345, 123, and 789 have been everywhere. This is always my indicator that things are going to get dicey and the Universe has my back.

As I turned off my car this morning, I looked at my dashboard and it was 6:54. It was on my radio too when I looked over, and then it was on a car license plate as I walked in. The Universe is watching and listening, but I need to do the work to get through it. So when the keychain broke, I knew it was another sign.

“No, no, no, Kelly, try not to look at this way,” he said. “Oh, look at your face. No.”

“You don’t understand, Damir. This is a message from the Universe and I think…I think it’s bad.”

“You listen to me,” he said determinedly. “It is positive. Just you tell yourself it is positive,” he said as he started to walk down the hallway towards his hall duty. “You just remember. Damir told you it was positive.” His voice floated back down the hall as I watched him walk away still clutching the broken key chain.

No, I thought. I am definitely not Wonder Woman.

Love and Light!