Question of the Day: “What song makes you cry?”

Jonah and I were driving around today. Cole needed a ride to his girlfriend’s house, and we needed bread. As we drove home, “Black Birds” by the Beatles came on the radio.

”Oh, my god, I love this song,” he said as he raised his arms in the air.

”Really?” I asked as I turned up the volume. “This is from their White album.”

”Yeah, it’s just so good. It even made me cry once,” he said. This admission also surprised me. Jonah has a lot of emotions, but he rarely cries. He will get angry. He gets sad and frustrated, but he rarely ever shows these emotions with tears.

”There are a few songs that make me cry as well,” I reply.

”Really? Which ones?”

”Oh, I am not sure who sings it, but I think it’s called ‘Don’t Blink’”, I say. Jonah takes my phone and goes to the YouTube app on my phone.

”It says here it’s Kenny Chesney,” he waits until his song is over and then he switches from Pandora to the video. The song begins with only music for a few minutes and Jonah looks over at me. “It’s Country Music?”

”Hey,” I respond. “Give it a chance. It’s so good. I feel like I am already starting to get emotional.”

Within a few seconds, Kenny begins his narrative of a man who had reached his 100th birthday, and when he is asked what is the secret to life, he says, “Don’t blink.” Even now, I feel a little choked up.

The theme of the song is so strong and deep and true as Kenny begins to reflect on his own life and the careful milestones he has met and also has yet to reach.

”Don’t blink, you just might miss your babies growing like mine did.” I look over at my little guy as he stares straight ahead as the sun sets in front of our windshield.

“Turning into Moms and Dads/Next thing you know your better half of fifty years is in your bed…”

At this point in the song, I am balling. Tears are running down my cheeks and hanging from my chin. The truth of these lines penetrates the deepest parts of my fears that I may run out of time, and before I know it, the best of times will be done.

When the song is over, Jonah seems unmoved, but he tells me I should wipe away my tears. He tells me he has another song that makes him cry as well. He goes to look for it and plays it before we reach home.

What songs make you cry, my friends?

The song that makes me cry.
The song that makes Jonah cry~ “Black Birds Singing in the Dead of Night”

Love and Light!

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