Question of the Day: “What are five ways to tell that you are an Empath?”

It took a long time for me to realize I was an Empath and not a crazy person. There are still days when I wonder…

But in all seriousness, I did a lot of reading, soul-searching, classes, and meditation to come to terms with the reality of my gift. In the end, it really just came down to my own personal acceptance and realization through validations. I tested myself regularly. I still look for validation when I can, but I need them a lot less now than I use to.

But here were FIVE major signs I was an Empath…

Sign ONE: I could feel other people’s emotions in my solar plexus, not my head. Other people’s emotions reside in my stomach. They start and end there. My emotions start in my head with my own thoughts. There is a process to get me to my own sadness or happiness or anxiety, and there are usually specific thoughts, actions, and activities that cause my emotions. Other people’s emotions come in through my left arm and reside and are felt by me from my stomach area. It took some time, but when I realized this was the distinction, it became easier to categorize them as someone else’s emotions.

Sign TWO: People get attached to me. What do I mean by attached? Men and women become connected to me in ways they do not with other people. They seek me out to talk, and my classroom is always full of teachers who spend their prep period in my room just for a chance to decompress. When I am out in public, I am always the one people ask for help or directions, or who say things to me which they preface with “I don’t usually say this…” I am the person people tell secrets to. The person at the party who is being told someone’s life story. My friends always say that I am the only person they could be this close with and tell me the things they can only tell me.

Sign THREE: I just get people. People make sense to me. The things people do make sense to me. I can clearly and easily see the paths that people take, and though everyone around me may be questioning or judging, I always clearly understand. Being able to feel emotions like love, anger, hate, and jealousy feel the same in ALL people and this creates an ability to know how powerful these emotions are, so I often easily reserve judgment.

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Sign FOUR: I love nature. Let me be clear, I am not into camping or sleeping outside. I am not a fan of bugs. I don’t want to hurt them, but I don’t want to share my space with them either. But I do love plants and animals, and to say I have a “green thumb” is an understatement. I can feel plants, so I do a tremendously good job taking care of them. I can feel that they are happy. I have other posts about this weird part of being an Empath. Feel free to check those out.

Sign FIVE: Crowded places do not work for me. I can still do them, but I have rituals in place to help me before, during, and after. Crowded places are exhausting for me because it is a lot of emotion and people. There are times when I work through it because I do love going to New York at Christmas. There is a vibe there at Christmas time that is intoxicating for me. I can’t really explain that, but there is. On the flip side, I cannot stand music concerts anymore. The vibes just aren’t the same for me, but I think that’s because I am old.

I hope you found some things that helped you better identify and come to terms with your own research. Honestly, if you feel like you are an Empath, you are, but don’t take my word for it. This is your personal journey, and the realization of your gift needs to be at its own timing. Just try and see it as an amazing gift. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of this, but I have really benefitted from the level of love I can reach with my abilities.

Love and Light!

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