Photo Reading

Photographs hold the vibrations of people also. This reading allows me to access the vibration of the people in the photograph. By reading photographs, I am able to feel emotions and also get information about the person.

It varies from experience to experience, but I can get quite a lot from just a picture. This format really works if you are trying to get the read on the guy you are in a relationship with or maybe if you and someone else are not getting along. If it is a single photo of you, I can tune in with how you are feeling and help you to better understand your feelings. It also enables me to answer some of your deep emotional questions.

I often integrate tarot cards to help me with the reading.

I also offer advice for how to move forward now that this information has been conveyed to you. My recommendations usually settle on yoga, meditation, work with crystals as well as oils.

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I have been told that my readings (especially when they are in person) are like a therapy session, but better. There is an energy transfer that happens between me and the person I am reading that creates a clear connection. My understanding of you feels inherent during this time, and the person being read feels a deep level of compassion and safety wash over them.

I can either communicate with you via text messages or we can talk on the phone. A phone conversation is for 30 minutes and you can ask as many questions as you like. Texting is usually anywhere from 10-15 long. We set up a time when we can both communicate and I write my reading and advice and allow a few follow up questions.


One photograph w/reading $20

One photograph w/thirty minute phone call $40

In-person session (50 minutes) $60