A Different Sign

So I have been asking for a different sign from the Universe recently. My usual “go to” signs are elephants, butterflies, and number sequences. When I see those things, I know the Universe is checking in and letting me know everything is going the way it should. This time I wanted to change it up. I feel like my life path is about to go in a different direction, so I wanted the confirmation to come in another way so I knew for sure that the Universe wants me to pursue this other way. For the last two days, I have waited. Nothing. I saw elephants. I saw the sequence 123. I even saw 321. My mind was racing. “What if this is not the way I should go after all? What if this not-a-sign was telling me I was going the wrong way?” But there was a part of me that knew that couldn’t be true.

I have, for many years, tried to remain invisible. I was severely abused by my father and step-mother and being small and unseen often saved me from the abuse. It also (I believe) created my empathic ability to feel vibes on others. The owl sign was supposed to show me that it was right for me to no longer try and remain invisible, but instead to use my empathic gifts to serve and help others with their healing. It was supposed to be a sign that I needed to “get big”.

But an owl was nowhere to be found. Elephants, on the other hand, were everywhere. Everywhere. So finally I said, “Okay, Universe, do you just not want me to change my sign? Am I supposed to stay with what I am familiar with as I move forward through this process?” I felt a sense of calm. I felt a release of the strong desire to see an owl to reassure me of a path I intrinsically knew was right for me.

My partner and I went dinner soon after and on the wall of the restaurant there was a floor to ceiling image of two multicolored elephants. I smiled because I realized that’s what it was all along.

Later on that evening, after we returned home and my mind no longer was even thinking about owls, I saw the picture below. It appeared on my feed through our manifesting challenge. I didn’t even see the owl at first, but it cannot be missed once it is seen. The Universe had been listening all the time. We just disagreed on what the sign should be.