Question of the Day: “How do I stay grounded?”

The act of grounding your energies and staying in vibrational alignment is an important function. Grounding can happen in a number of ways. Generally, I practice one or more of these methods weekly, but during these trying times, I find that I must up my vibrational game, so I ask myself (as well as some of my spiritual teachers), “How do I stay grounded?”

Meditation: This is my number one go to. You do not need to be an avid meditator to feel more grounded in a matter of minutes. Find a quiet spot away from others and close your eyes. Sit comfortably and breathe deeply. Do this for a even a few minutes a day and the sense of calm you feel will stay with you during the day.

Gratitude Journal: Research shows that people who spent only a few minutes every morning writing down or even just saying three things they are grateful for helps to increase positivity. Sitting and focusing on three things that help you to feel thankful will light you up from the inside.

Bath/Shower/Pool: Whenever I am really spiraling, I submerge myself in water. I use oils and bath salts as well to help this process, but they are not necessary. The miraculous powers of water are almost instant. The physical touch of water on my skin has instant grounding power for me.

Walking in Nature: ALL of my spiritual teachers recommend walking in nature and even just placing your bare feet on the ground. This will instantly ground you. They are absolutely correct. When I want to instantly center, I take off my shoes and socks and plant them on the grass in my yard. This works as well for my son. Think about when you sink your toes into the warm sand at the beach. A deep electricity courses through you when you allow your physical body to connect so directly with the ground.

What are some other things I can do to help ground myself during these tough events?

Love and Light!