“So What About You?” Asks the Empath

I have talked with a few women who seem to be completely disconnected from their feelings.  It is as if they are unable to truly understand that they have deep feelings at all.  They all are fine.  They are angry or sad, but they continually make excuses for how it is all okay or doesn’t really matter anyway.

After digging around a little while, it seems like I can get them to a place where they can see that they have very deep emotions, and they are not truly feeling them.  They are on autopilot.  These women have sought me out to talk about their emotions, but when we start to talk about feelings, they back away quickly.

They say things that contradict what they said earlier.  Everything is “complicated” they say, but by the end of the readings, nothing is really complicated.  They just struggled to say it.

Your emotions, ALL of them, are about you. No one else but you.  If you are angry, sad, joyful…all you.  The extrinsic world that is swirling around you, but it is not dictating how you feel. Only you can do that.  If you are coming to terms with this information, it may feel overwhelming or it may be a sudden comfort.  Imagine how empowered you would feel if you take ownership of how you feel.

Understand what I am saying.  If your best friend betrays you and you are hurt and angry, that is all about you.

“How can you say this?” I hear the invisible reader saying.  “Of course it is all about her.” No, it is about how you feel about yourself that determines how much stake you put in the action of others.

“But if I don’t get mad and rage against the way she hurt me, then I am saying it is okay.”

No, you aren’t.  That isn’t true.  Being angry or hurt is not the only way to say that something is wrong and not okay.  You can just say it. It is still wrong, but your reaction can be one of understanding.

Here’s how I know it is all about you…emotions fell the same regardless of the catalyst.  Anger at your boyfriend because he cheated is the same anger you would have if someone cut in front of you in line.  Anger is anger and you place value on your own anger based on the extrinsic actions. Love is love is love.  It feels the same.  Sexual feelings don’t translate far past the outer layer of emotions.  They swirl around the same way anger does.  But everyone reacts to their emotions in different ways and get angry over different things for various reasons.

“But there are certain things that make everyone angry,” you say.  Yes, that’s true, but I think that is societal.  If our society stopped feeling that way about a particular thing, then people would stop giving permission for people to react a certain way to a particular emotion.  Romeo would have never died for love.

Just some random thoughts tonight from an Empath.

Love and Light