Question of the Day: “How can I be emotionally healthy when I’m an Empath?”

The current state of things makes it difficult to be an Empath. I struggle constantly with other people’s emotions. Many Empaths want to check out on their gift because it is just too much. The constant influx of other people’s fear and confusion really amps up my own. It often becomes difficult to tell where my energy starts and someone else’s begins.

Also, when I hug someone, there is some type of weird connection and their energy becomes immediately mine. I will then dream about that person or have strange “coincidental” things happen. So today I am really wondering, “How can I be emotionally healthy when I am an Empath?”

My friends know about my left side, which has also never really made sense to me. If a person sits on my left side, I can read them quickly. My arm heats up. My skin tingles. Anxiety, happiness, a picture of a loved one, or a great vacation pops into my head. I want to ask them about it and get some validation that I am not crazy, but I often just stay silent. It is better if others don’t realize how weird I can be. And sometimes I just don’t want other people’s emotional stuff because I realized a long time ago that people just carry these vibrations with them all of the time. I also noticed that when someone is bored or has nothing going on, they will default to their “typical” emotions. This will create a cycle of sorts for them, and they don’t even realize their own patterns.

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I also like looking at old photos and even the videos people are posting on various Instagram reels. There is a vibration that comes off of these windows to the past. I wish I could know if my feelings are accurate because I feel this warm humming when I look at them. Through the “humming” I feel sadness, worry, and happiness, and I have no way of checking to see if I am right. But the other day, someone posted a video taken in 1920s Paris, and I couldn’t stop watching it because I could feel the fleeting moments of feeling channeling through me. What is that? And should I be protecting myself from what those things can be?

There are ways I try to protect myself throughout the day. I use various crystals, oils, sound, and water treatments, but are these really helping me? Can I clean off the vibrational energy of those around me or am I just fooling myself?

I know there are many more questions here than answers, but it is that kind of day.

Love and Light…

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